Monday, January 2, 2012

United Red Army: Join the Group on Facebook

Red Army is the nickname of Manchester United's hard-line fans are better known by the term "hooligan firm". In the late 70th and early 80th Red Army are well known to exist, to gain the title as the UK's largest fan club in the country of Great Britain. Fans of this hard-line most often fight with the ICF (Inter City Firm) which is a fanatical fan club West Ham United. Never been recorded until 1985, appearing in a film titled 'hooligan' group of West Ham fans who are traveling to away games at Old Trafford in the FA Cup second round match-6, there was a massive fight with the Red Army with the ICF around Manchester after the match is over .

Over the years the Red Army is always present in the game with a number of large United, and now in the era of information technology with the Internet is global, the Red Army increasingly recognized globally. Many of Manchester United fans around the world to get inspiration from them to support the club, especially with the chant-chant them. A growing number of United fans wherever they are, will always consider himself as the Red Army.

for societies who want to know please join the United Army facebook.